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Cards - Contactless cards

RFID technology serves in numerous applications

Practical examples of utilizing RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) in contactless cards, are supply chain management, access control, working time control, public transport and ticketless air travel. It is not possible to copy or falsify the information stored in a contactless card.

Contactless operations and data security can be combined

In addition to basic cards and memory cards, Miotec develops and produces smart cards and chip related software. PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) combined with a smart card fulfils the requirements determined for secure e-transactions. For the card holder, the combination of RFID and PKI technology, and if necessary biometrics, on a single card translates into security and ease of use. For the organization, the card is a safe and economical solution for access control, working time control, information network login and e-transactions.

Miotec's expertise is in production of contactless cards

Miotec focuses on developing the producability of contactless cards, while its partners are responsible for product development of the RFID components. The contactless cards are produced at Miotec, either from start to finish or from pre-processed material to a ready-made product. The production can begin with printing and continue with lamination of the RFID and plastic sheets, followed by die-cutting the sheets into a card form. In some cases, Miotec embeds and encodes chips into cards which have been manufactured elsewhere. Miotec can also personalize cards with user data, either electronically in the chip or visually on the card. Miotec uses for example I-Code and Mifare products in contactless cards, but other types and RFID technologies are also viable.

Name Standard Frequency Memory
I-CODE ISO 15693 13,56 MHz 512 bit EEPROM
MIFARE ISO/IEC 14443A 13,56 MHz 1 Kbytes EEPROM




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